The InterCrim Press Publishers presents the e-calatogue in both Russian and English

"Currencies of the world: Cash circulation. Analysis. Counterfeits"

Comprehensive information

  • all banknotes that are legal tender and banknotes no longer valid after withdrawal from circulation
  • more than 4000 banknotes and 1200 coins in circulation
  • more than 650 counterfeits discovered on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • information about issuing bank, names of banknotes and fractional coins, information about membership in currency and economic associations
  • ISO currency code
  • information on peculiarities of cash circulation on the territory of every country (foreign exhange procedures, convertible/regional currencies, import/export terms, rules for foreign exchange payment acceptance, etc.)
  • monetary reforms (past and present)
  • timely update from official sources (The Central Bank of Russian, the Forensic Centre of the MIA)

Target audience

Representatives of central and commercial banks, manufacturers of secured printed production, sorters and printing equipment, experts, collectors, numismatists, historians, economists, methodologists organizing work with cash, workers of bank security service, law enforcement agencies, foreign exchange tellers, students and everybody whose activities are connected with cash circulation.

Reference version

The e-catalogue includes information on peculiarities of cash circulation in every country, description of 196 currencies, as well as images of all banknotes that are legal tender in 260 countries and world territories.

This database will help you to answer a lot of questions about insolvency of cash of all countries in the world within last 15 years, for example: whether a banknote is legal tender, rules of exchange banknotes/coins withdrawn from circulation, export/import rules, peculiarities of issuing regional currencies, which money (besides national currency) is accepted for payments, etc.

Expert version

The catalogue includes description of the most used 39 currecies in Eurasian Economic Community. Information is approved by the Central Bank of Russia and the Forensic Science Centre of the MIA.

The module includes data necessary for circulating banknotes/coins identification: detailed description of security features (public and machine-readable), zoomed-in fragments of security feature images (including movement effects), images of banknotes in UV and IR light, security threads, methods of printing, peculiarities of mandatory particulars, specification of series and modifications, technical specifications of coins, etc.


This module is created in cooperation with the Central Bank of Russia and the Forensic Science Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. It represents a database with description of counterfeit CBR money and foreign currency, found in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries within 2001-2016. There are more than 650 banknote imitations in the base.

The Advance Search allows users for parameter setting: withdrawal date, currency name, denomination, year of genuine banknote/coin issue, counterfeit quality, series number. The module contains obverse and reverse of every counterfeit banknote, peculiarity of imitation of banknote substrate, description and fragments of imitated security features (public and machine-readable), images of counterfeit banknotes in UV and IR light. All images are represented in comparison with fragments of genuine banknotes.


The catalogue allows for quick banknote identification, fast access to countries, currencies and banknotes. It contains a lot of cross-references on the latest information. It is possible to zoom in any image and fragment.

Cross-device accessibility

The catalogue is developed regarding device diversity. Connection possibilities are as follows:

  • PC with Internet access and up-to-date browser
  • local version on protected memory storage (available on Windows; platform for Mac OS and Linux is being developed)
  • installation on server (from 100 accesses)
  • any with Internet access
  • separate program for iOS with no Internet access required (being developed)


Customer feedback

«…Electronic reference book “Currency of the world: Circulation. Examination. Falsifications” allows to quickly inform the bank staff who is carrying out operations with cash on all changes in cash monetary circulation of the world countries, namely on the banknotes and coins coming to the address and withdrawn from circulation...
Transparency and ubiquity of information represented in the e-catalogue allows to use this resourse as a visual guide for distance learning of identification and payment ability of Russian money and foreign currencies by bank employees». G. V. Soldatenkov, the First Deputy President – the Chairman of the board of JSC Bank of Moscow
«…The interface of the electronic reference book is very convenient in use and allows to quickly search of any banknote in the set parameters and to receive necessary information. Information in the electronic reference book is quickly updated and is available to any user of Bank at any time». E. V. Shurinova, head of department of methodology and organization of cash work of Operational management of JSC Rosgosstrakh Bank
«…Connection to the specified resource allowed to reduce material costs for acquisition of reference books on a paper basis, and also to reduce time for transfer of necessary information in structural divisions of Bank». I. V. Nordas, head of department of cash service of Department of bank operations of JSC Yunicredit Bank